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As Ideal Fx, we undertake to ensure the confidentiality of customer information acquired or stored with a customer-oriented service philosophy and legal obligations within the framework of the following basic rules.

Collection of Personal Information

İdeal Fx requests some of your personal information (name, phone, e-mail, etc.) from you in order to provide better service to its customers. This information collected on İdeal Fx servers is used only within İdeal Fx for periodic campaign studies, organizing special promotional activities for customer profiles and customer “classification” studies to prevent the transmission of unsolicited e-mails. It does not share it with third parties, does not use it for commercial purposes for any reason other than activity, and does not sell it without a contrary instruction. Customer information may only be disclosed to official authorities if such information is requested by the official authorities and in cases where it is obliged to make a statement to the authorities in accordance with the provisions of the mandatory legislation in force. All information entered by the customer into the system can only be accessed by the Customer and can only change this information with the approval of the Customer. It is not possible for anyone other than the authorities to access and change this information.


Placing a cookie on the customer’s computer to gather information about how the customer uses the Company website is also included in the Company’s information collection procedure. The application of these information collection methods aims to ensure customer safety. These Cookies used by the company contain neither personal nor account nor password information of visitors. Customers accept their willingness to share their personal information with the Company. . The purpose of collecting this information is to achieve the “Know Your Customer” standard and to ensure the security of the customer transactions. Customers are obliged to provide the Company with true, up-to-date and accurate information about their identity. They are obliged to declare that they will not engage in fraudulent or fraudulent behavior and attitudes, that they will not impersonate another person, or intend to imitate or represent another person. Accounts opened under another name can be frozen or closed by the company without paying any fee, if detected.

Disclosure situations

The Company will never disclose the personal and confidential information of its customers to a third party without the express and written consent of its customers, except for special circumstances requiring legal obligations or the need for verification studies regarding the identity of the customer in order to protect the customer’s account and secure personal information. If requested by regulatory institutions, judicial and executive authorities, it can be disclosed within the framework of legal regulations.

Communication with the customer

The company may from time to time notify its customers by phone or e-mail in order to offer information about financial transactions, to provide information or to inform about current promotions. By signing up to the company, they approve to us that they consent to such communication with them with the conditions and forms they approve. If our customers who do not want such communication with them wish to unsubscribe from our daily e-mail mailing list at any time, you can easily exit the e-newsletter subscription with a single click by clicking the “Please click to exit our e-newsletter list” link at the bottom of the emails you sent.

Messages can only be used for review and storage by Company officials in order to provide better customer satisfaction and a more efficient transaction infrastructure. The messages in question are never shared with unauthorized persons outside the institution.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

The company may update this Privacy Policy from time to time due to the requirements of the day, customer satisfaction and legal reasons. In case the Privacy Policy changes, the changed Privacy Policy is immediately posted on the Company website and an announcement is made on the Company website explaining the information of such changes. The company provides all the necessary support to customers about what information is stored and used using the Company website.


“Secure Sockets Layer” (SSL) technology is used in the ideal Fx secure customer area. Thanks to our 256 bit SSL certificate, as your personal information is encrypted, it is completely prevented from third parties.

Warning notifications

This notification has been submitted by Ideal Fx to investors for risk reporting and is deemed to have been read and understood by the investor. All rights of Ideal FX investors are not shared with third parties for protection and takes the highest level of precaution to protect customer privacy.

This statement added to the Retail Customer Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions does not disclose or disclose all risks and other material matters involved in currency trading and derivative transactions. Participating in such transactions carries a high risk to your capital and could potentially result in a total loss of that capital. If you would like a more comprehensive understanding of the risks involved, please contact Ideal Fx for more information. Taking into account the risks, you should not trade on the above-mentioned products unless you understand the nature of the contracts and the contractual legal relationship you are entering into. Transactions with currency derivatives are not suitable for many members of the public. You should carefully consider whether you are suitable for foreign exchange transactions in light of your experience, purposes, financial situation and other relevant conditions.

If in doubt, it is recommended that you seek independent financial advice.

Foreign Exchange and Derivative Transactions Are Very Speculative and Risky

Trading CFDs and Spot FX Contracts is highly speculative and involves a significant risk of loss; may not be suitable for all investors, but only for those clients:

  1. Accepting the relevant economic, legal and other risks with their consent;
  1. Experienced and knowledgeable in derivative transactions and underlying asset types; and
  1. It may be financially feasible for investors to suffer significant losses on margin or deposits, as they may lose not only the margin or the total value of the contract but the deposit.

Neither CFDs nor Spot FX Contracts are suitable investments for retirement funds. CFDs and FX trading are among the most risky types of investments and can result in huge losses.

Risks associated with long CFD positions, in other words for buyers of CFD; What is Long Term in a CFD means you buy CFDs with anticipation that the market price of the asset placed on the market will increase between the time of the trade. While the open position of the CFD is open, as the owner of the long position, you will usually make a profit if the market price of the underlying asset rises. On the contrary, if the market price of the asset basically falls while your open position of the CFD is open, you will usually suffer a loss. Your potential loss could therefore be greater than the initial deposit deposited. In addition, you may suffer losses as a result of closing your position in conditions where you do not have enough liquidity for the margin in your account to maintain an open position. Risks associated with short CFD positions, in other words for the sellers of CFD; Being short on a CFD means that you are launching the CFDs, assuming that the market price of the underlying asset will fall between the time of purchase and sale. As a short position holder, you will usually make a profit as the market price of underlying assets falls while your CFD short position is open. On the contrary, you will usually experience a loss if the market price of the underlying asset rises while your short position of CFD is open. Your potential loss could therefore be greater than the initial deposit deposited. In addition, you may suffer losses as a result of closing your position in conditions where you do not have enough liquidity for the margin in your account to maintain an open position.

Can High Leverage and Low Margin Cause Quick Losses? High Leverage is a specific feature of both CFDs and Spot FX Contracts. The leverage effect makes it more risky than investing in the asset invested in CFDs. This is due to the marginalization system applicable to CFD, where the transaction involves a relatively small deposit; Thus, a relatively small price action of the underlying asset can have a disproportionately dramatic effect on your trade. . This can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. Please note that a small price movement can result in high gains on the deposit, but a small price move against you can result in significant losses that may exceed the money put into the deposit. These losses can occur quickly. The greater the buoyancy, the higher the risk. Therefore, leverage partially determines the outcome of the investment. “Leverage” Foreign currency and derivative transactions carry a high degree of risk. The high degree of “Leverage”, which is usually obtained in foreign currency and derivative transactions, can work for you as well as against you due to volatile market conditions.

If the market puts your first deposit at risk; You may be asked to deposit additional money as soon as possible to maintain your position. Failure to comply with the deposit of additional funds may result in you closing your position (s) by Ideal Fx on your behalf; you are responsible for the resulting loss or shortage.

Margin Requirements

The client must always maintain a minimum margin requirement on his open positions. It is the responsibility of the Customer to monitor the balance of the account. The client can receive a margin call to deposit additional cash if the margin on the relevant account is too low. If the minimum margin requirement is not maintained, Ideal Fx has the right to liquidate any or all open positions. This may result in Client’s CFD or Spot FX Contracts being closed at a loss that will be your responsibility. Conflicts of interest Ideal Fx is the counterparty of all Transactions entered into under the Customer Agreement, and therefore the interests of Ideal Fx may conflict with yours. Our conflict of interest policy is available on Ideal Fx’s website. OTC Transactions When selling CFDs or Spot FX Contracts with Us, these Transactions will not be executed on a recognized or designated investment exchange and are known as OTC (Over The Counter) transactions. All positions entered with us will be closed with us and will not be closed with any other assets. OTC trading can pose a greater risk than investing in exchange rate contracts because there are no open positions closing exchanges. It may be impossible to liquidate an existing position, assess the value of the position resulting from the OTC transaction, or assess the risk exposure.

Offer Prices and Prices cannot be quoted by us, based on the best enforcement policies applicable in the market, and even when they are parties, it may make it difficult to set a fair price for the underlying asset or when the relevant currency or market is closed or suspended. There is no guarantee by any other party of any central clearance and payment obligations of Ideal Fx to the Customer. Thus, the Customer is exposed to credit risk with Ideal Fx. The Customer should only look to Ideal Fx for the performance of all contracts in the Customer’s Account and the refund of any Margin or Collateral.

Trade Suspension Under certain market conditions, it can be difficult or impossible to liquidate a position, increasing the risk of loss. This can occur at times of rapid price movements, for example, if the price of the underlying asset rises or falls in a trading session to the extent that trading in the underlying asset is restricted or suspended. Prices, Margin and Valuation Are Made By Executive Brands and May Be Different From Prices Reported Elsewhere. Ideal Fx will provide the prices to be used in the trade, the valuation of the Client positions and the determination of the Margin Requirements in accordance with the Trade Policies and Procedures and Market Information Forms. The performance of the CFD or Spot FX Contract will depend on the prices set by Ideal Fx and the market fluctuations in the underlying asset your contract is associated with. Therefore, each underlying asset carries certain risks that affect the outcome of the respective CFD. A given market price is calculated as a reference to the price of the relevant underlying asset that we have acquired from third party external reference sources or exchanges. For our CFD and Spot FX Contracts, we obtain price data from wholesale market participants. While Ideal Fx would expect these prices to be logically related to prices in the market, Ideal Fx’s prices may differ from current prices for banks and other market participants.

Executive Marketing has significant discretion in setting and collecting Margins. Ideal Fx has the authority to convert funds in the Client’s Margin Cash account into such a currency at a rate determined by Ideal Fx at its sole discretion based on the then money market rates. Rights to Underlying Assets You do not have rights or obligations regarding underlying documents or assets related to your CFDs or Spot FX Contracts. The customer knows that CFDs can have different underlying assets such as stocks, indices, currencies and commodities.

Currency risk Investing in Spot FX Contracts and CFDs listed in a base currency other than your base currency carry a currency risk as a CFD or Spot FX Contract is issued in a currency other than your base currency; Your return may be affected by the conversion to the base currency. When Ideal Fx offers generic market advice, such general advice does not constitute a personal recommendation or investment advice and does not take into account your personal circumstances or investment objectives, or solicit an offer to buy or sell or an offer. Every decision the Client makes to contract CFD or Spot FX with Ideal Fx and every decision as to whether a transaction is or is suitable for the Client is an independent decision made by the Client. Ideal Fx does not act as a Consultant or serve the Client as an opinion. The Client declares that Ideal Fx does not have a fiduciary role with the Client and is not liable for and is not liable for any liability, claim, indemnity, costs and expenses, including attorney fees arising in connection with the Client following Ideal Fx’s generic trade recommendations, and He accepts that he has no responsibility. . Recommendations are not guaranteed The generic market recommendations provided by Ideal Fx are solely based on the decision of Ideal Fx’s staff and should be considered as such. The Customer acknowledges that he has entered into Transactions based on his own judgment. The market recommendations provided are only comprehensive. Ideal Fx’s generic market recommendations are based on information believed to be reliable, but Ideal Fx does not guarantee accuracy or completeness. Therefore, such general advice does not reduce or eliminate the risk that may arise in trading CFDs and / or Spot FX Contracts. There is no guarantee of profits. There is no guarantee of profit or loss avoidance in trading CFDs and Spot FX Contracts. The customer did not receive such a guarantee from Ideal Fx or any of its representatives. The Client is aware of the risks arising from trading CFDs and Spot FX Contracts and can financially bear these risks and withstand any losses incurred. Customer Cannot Close Open Positions Due to market conditions that may cause an unusual and rapid market price fluctuation or other conditions, the Customer cannot close the position of the Customer at the price determined by the Customer and the risk controls applied by Ideal Fx may not work. Customer agrees that Ideal Fx does not accept responsibility for a failure. Internet / Electronic Trade Trading in Ideal Fx’s trading system may be different from trading in other electronic commerce systems and in the usual or open market. Trading in the e-commerce system will expose you to system-related risks, such as hardware and software failure, system downtime, associated with Ideal Fx’s trading system or the individual customer’s system and the communication infrastructure (e.g. internet) that connects Ideal Fx’s platform. with customers in. As a result of any system error, your order may not be executed according to your instructions or not executed at all, and there may be inadequacies that will keep you informed of meeting your positions and margin requirements.

Ideal Fx does not assume the responsibility of any direct or indirect claims, losses, damages, expenses and expenses arising from any transmission, communication system, computer facility or any malfunction, breakdown or malfunction while the customer is operating over the internet. Bid Errors If bidding errors occur (including responses to Client requests), Ideal Fx is not responsible for errors in Account balances and reserves the right to make corrections or corrections to the relevant Account. Any disputes arising from such quotation errors will be settled on the basis of the fair market value determined by Ideal Fx at its sole discretion and acting in good faith from the relevant market when such an error occurs. In cases where the dominant market represents prices that are different from the prices published on our screen by Ideal Fx, efforts will be made to perform Transactions close to the current market prices or to these market prices. These prevailing market prices will ultimately be prices reflected in the Customer’s statements. This may or may not be adversely affected by the Client’s realized and unrealized gains and losses. Terms and Conditions of Contracts You are responsible for fully understanding the rules of transactions and / or terms of transactions to be performed and / or the Retail Customer Agreement, including but not limited to any terms describing risk factors such as volatility, liquidity and the like. Weekend Risk Various situations can arise during a weekend (Friday 22:00 CET – Sunday 23:30 CET) or during a holiday in financial markets, usually close to close, that may cause markets to open at a significantly different price from the closing location. Ideal Fx clients cannot use the Ideal Fx trading system to place or change orders on weekends, Sunday holidays or other times when the markets are generally closed. There is a significant risk that orders left to protect open positions held during these periods will be executed at levels significantly worse than the specified price. Costs and Commissions Before you start trading, you should learn from us the details of all commissions and other charges for which you are responsible. These charges affect your net profit or loss. Money and security You agree that you can afford to lose the amount you paid to Ideal Fx as a deposit. When you deposit money with us, it will generally be held in a segregated client’s account with one or more authorized credit and / or banking institutions located in Europe and / or an EEA member state / or as specified on the Ideal Fx website. You agree that holding funds in a segregated client’s account will not provide complete protection, especially if any third party entity entrusted by Ideal Fx to hold the client’s assets goes bankrupt. Special Risks to Asset Management and Consulting Services Personal Investing. There is no obligation to stop entering transactions when assets on the account are significantly reduced. Therefore, the client undertakes to control the development of his account in order to terminate the asset management service if it is of the opinion that the results are not in line with his expectations or needs.


“Investment consultancy service is provided by authorized institutions individually, taking into account the risk and return preferences of the individuals. The investment information, comments and recommendations contained here are not within the scope of investment consultancy but are of general nature. Making an investment decision based solely on the information contained herein may not produce results in line with your financial situation and risk and return preferences. ” Ideal Fx cannot be held liable for direct and / or indirect damages, material and moral damages, loss of profit and damages that may be incurred by third parties as a result of using the information on educational content or promotional pages.

Arbitrage transactions, malicious software, platform vulnerabilities, technical and liquidity failures, the right to be considered legally within the scope of unfair gain and unjust enrichment, and the right to cancel and reorganize the said transactions for these reasons.

While determining the ideal Fx bonus campaign terms; reserves the right to make changes in the terms of transaction, including withdrawals other than principal withdrawals, leverage ratios and / or spread features at every stage, where it deems necessary. The change will be deemed to have entered into force with the notification to be made to the customer via e-mail, sms, calling or other digital communication platforms.

Applicable Law and Competent Jurisdiction

Any disputes that may arise between the customer and İdeal Fx will be resolved in Ankara Courts and Execution Offices in accordance with the general provisions of the Commercial Code and Consumer Law. The scope of the disputes that may arise between the customer and İdeal Fx are defined as legal disputes based on Investment Contracts.


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